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Damir Demonja

Transromanica, Transnational Network and Itineraries of the Romanesque, is an international developing project, a part of the European Union program INTERREG III B CADSES. The main project leader is Ministry of Building and Traffic, Saxony-Anhalt, Germany. The project life was three years, from November 2003 to October 2006, the budget was EUR 2.1 million, partners from five regions from Germany, Italy, Austria and Slovenia participated with EUR 1.3 million. The European project Transromanica is based on the idea to promote the integration process of a greater Europe through common cultural and historical roots: Romanesque heritage.

The long-term Transromanica aims are: participation of all interested countries and regions in cultural tourism and involvement of new regional and state partners in the project's network; making and realizing projects related to the revitalization of the territories rich in Romanesque cultural heritage; increasing the number of visitors/tourists in the territories with Romanesque monuments, as well as the interest in cultural tourism; increasing the number of cultural events, organized visits and new cultural and tourist programs; increasing the level of protection and restoration of cultural heritage especially Romanesque ones and spreading the project to other European countries. Achieved Transromanica goals, among others, are: tourist and cultural itineraries, training programs, marketing tools (Romanesque on the Internet, data bases, brochures, CD-ROMs, DVDs, participation at international tourist fairs, promotion of Romanesque heritage in different European languages, presentation of the project to the different economy sectors,...) and a “virtual Romanesque center”