Croatian International Relations Review

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Gordana Marcetic, Dubravka Preiec

The Croatian civil service is determined to be prepared for the EU membership and to create organisational and cultural environment that can attract, develop and retain qualified civil servants. Besides creating, amending and revising legal and institutional provisions this process will also require a profound change of the administrative and organizational culture. In the article the authors present legal and policy framework in the Croatian civil service system after the fall of socialism and current situation of the structure of human resources in the civil service, as the reference framework within which the newly adopted 2010-2013 Civil Service HRD Strategy was developed. The article points to the key issues and problems of Croatian civil service system related to recruitment, career development and rewarding, performance appraisal, education and training. It discusses development, content and strategic objectives of the HRD Strategy with special attention on management development and recruitment policy.The authors conclude that the HRD Strategy represents a qualitative framework for attracting and promoting high quality, professional, dedicated and motivated individuals in civil service,emphasizing also the importance of connecting civil servant's individual development with organisational development.