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Sandro Knezovic'

The issues of nuclear disarmament,WMD non-proliferation and peaceful use of nuclear energy seem to be modestly coming back to the international agenda.Indeed, the UN in-stitutions that have been somewhat neglected for more than a decade, at least when we speak about issues listed above, tend to reappear as appropriate forums for it. The new US administration shows a significant change in attitude towards a number of important issues on the international agenda,which may be opening new windows of opportunity for broader compromises and general progress in the field of international security and global nuclear regime in particular. In that sense,an unanimous adoption of the US-sponsored UNSC Resolution 1887in September 2009 maybe a good signal and a sig-nificant step forward. However, sensitivity of the issue, burdened with longlasting stalemate in the post-Cold War period,coupled with noticeable problems that still have to be tackled, may represent a reason for concern and scepticism and make the outcome of this initiative difficult to predict.This is the reason why this article will modestly try to analyse the substance and potentials of theresolution, offering an assessment of the environment in which it has been developed and trying to foresee its perspectives in the future,hopefully contributing to general understanding of these very interesting issues of global relevance.