Croatian International Relations Review

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Istvan Tarrosy

The paper aims at investigating the potentials in alliance formation among the industrially-technologically less developed countries of the world using the framework of the 45-year-old Non-Aligned Movement (NAM). While it will discuss the successes and missed opportunities of the first decades, especially with regard to the New International Economic Order (NIEO) of the 1970s, some reflections will be provided upon Ambassador Živojin Jazić’s thoughts on the movement (published in CIRR, January – June 2005, 59-66.). In a critical approach, the analysis will focus on the need and reason for existence of the NAM and its place and future role in the global international system of the 21st century. A detailed overview will be offered about the deepening problems of Africa and the attitude of the African countries towards the alliance, in particular in today’s international system in which the more developed ‘North’ prescribes for the ‘South’ what to do and how to do it. Attention will be devoted to the last two summits of the NAM (South African and Malaysian) and the incoming Cuban presidency from 2006 onwards.