Croatian International Relations Review

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Eylül Beyza Ateş Çiftçi
İstanbul Yeni Yüzyıl University, İstanbul, Turkey

The research aimed to examine China's economy, which has developed and become stronger throughout history within the framework of the trading state. Forming bilateral trade networks within the country and being a member of several trade networks throughout the globe, China's trade-oriented growth strategy is thought worthwhile to be assessed in this article. This study is based on the trade expectation theory, and its scope is limited to China's economic growth. Random sampling was used to acquire cross-sectional data to determine the study's results. This research suggests that China's bilateral connections and interactions that prioritized economic development will strengthen its competitiveness and continue to improve and maintain the competition. The study has significance for understanding economic growth in countries based on chosen expectations and efforts. The research also presents some policy consequences of China's tendency toward trade-oriented economic growth to achieve its national, regional, and global goals. This growth trend acts as an example for other countries throughout the globe. The finding has significant implications for future investigations that will contribute to the body of knowledge.

Keywords: China, Economy, Mercantile State, Competition, Rise.