Croatian International Relations Review

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Gomgom tp siregar
Universitas Darma Agung, Medan, Indonesia
Irene Silviani
Universitas Darma Agung, Medan, Indonesia

International relations are of immense importance for nations in the present era of competitiveness. Specifically, international relations between various countries that are tied to economic activity are rapidly growing. Therefore, the purpose of the present study is to estimate the role of entrepreneurship, information technology and trade in international relations in Indonesia over (1990-2021) period. The study is quantitative in nature and empirical estimation is carried out using Autoregressive Distributed Lag Model (ARDL) Bound testing approach. The study reveals that international trade, entrepreneurship, and information technology have positive relationship with international relations. In other words, all these factors are helpful in promoting international relations of Indonesia with other countries. Based on these results, government and non-government organizations are recommended to improve information technology infrastructure, promote business or entrepreneurial activities and trade to enhance international relations of Indonesia.

Keywords: Information technology; entrepreneurship; international trade; international relations; Indonesia.