Croatian International Relations Review

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Mahmutovic Adnan
AL Yamamah University, Saudi Arabia
Hrustan Šišić
Ankara Yildirim Beyazit University, PhD Candidate

This research seeks to determine the effectiveness of American philanthropic foundations in improving the educational sector, the infrastructure sector, the public health sector, and American foreign policy interests in post-Ottoman Turkey. Existing studies in the corpus of knowledge have ignored these factors when analyzing the research's findings, so this study fills a gap in the literature. Using Likert scale data with a response rate of 513, Smart PLS 4 was used for data analysis to investigate the results with measurement model assessment and structural model assessment. The research concluded that American philanthropic foundations worked in post-Ottoman Turkey to enhance education, infrastructure, public health, and American foreign policies. This study contributes novel findings to the existing body of knowledge that can be used to enhance it critically. This study's findings have theoretical implications based on newly established relationships in the literature. These research results also have a practical impact on Turkish government officials seeking to reduce American hegemony. The limitations and future directions of this research are highlighted, and scholars are anticipated to consider these implications for future research projects.

Keywords: American foundations, modernization, Post-Ottoman Türkiye, Türkiye development..