Croatian International Relations Review

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Fatima Salim Al Tarawneh
University of Petra

Indeed, the Battle of Ain Jalut is regarded as a turning point in Islamic history because, at the expense of the Islamic State, it halted the Mongol expansions. This study focuses on the political and strategic outcomes of the Battle of Ain Jalut, which occurred in 658 AH/1259 AD. This study examines the Battle of Ain Jalut and its results. This investigation uses primary data for data analysis to reach its conclusions. Since the demise of al-Malik al-li Najm al-Dn Ayyb, the most significant outcome of the battle was the unification of Egypt and the Levant under the flag of a single state, which had not been accomplished. In addition, the victory significantly impacted the morale of Muslims, as it fortified the Mamluk State, ended the Mongol and Crusader presence, and effectively destroyed the Mongols' power. Therefore, the Battle of Ain Jalut is commonly regarded as the beginning of Mamluk's rule in the Islamic world. The Mamluks played a crucial role in defending Islamic territories and repelling Tatar and Crusader attacks, thereby reviving the Abbasid Caliphate, and enhancing the legitimacy of their state.

Keywords: Battle of Ain Jalut, Muslim Rule, Unification of Egypt, Islamic Territories, Crusaders..