Croatian International Relations Review

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Krunoslav Antoliš

Terrorism, which is a global threat in the world today, can be efficiently combated only by organized movement principles. It opens the possibility to mobilize overall intellectual resources needed to create and implement the whole concept of efficient combating of terrorism. Terrorism cannot and must not become legal means to fight evolutional changes coming with liberal organization of the world, which on September 11, 2001 it definitely tried to be. Liberal globalization as a world trend will definitely undermine the existing relations in the world especially in anarcho-patriarchally established states. Yet, at the same time it is necessary to include all intellectual potential even through the NGO Think-Tank system of the same states, to create adaptable algorithms enabling evolutional transformation of the society. The goal is the benefit to all the people of the same states and not only minorities which mainly seized the power militarily and submitted it to their narrow interests presenting them at the same time, as national interests. More often than not, the minority’s interests defined as national, undermined by unstoppable evolutional processes of liberal globalization result in terrorism encouraged not only by individuals and groups but, now it can be explicitly said by the state terrorism, as in the case of Iraq and unfortunately some other states of the same region which, for similar reasons support various sorts of terrorism. Creation of the system presented in this paper tries to establish pre-emptive mechanism enabling as painless evolutional transformations of today’s world as possible, with the goal of implementing more honest and just world of tomorrow.