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Neven Mimica

Up to this moment more than 50% of measures envisaged in the Implementation Plan have been carried out. Croatia has succeeded in adopting a strategy combining our own priorities with the priorities stated in the Commission’s recommendations. The political requirements set by the EU as a measure of Croatia’s political readiness and desire to become a part of the European family have not yet been fully met. The Croatian Government remains committed to make headway in meeting the political requirements by the end of this year 2002. The National Programme of the Republic of Croatia for Association with the European Union is about to be finished and it will become the principal steering mechanism in the Croatian Government’s activities regarding the implementation of the Agreement, as well as all other activities aimed to bring the country nearer and nearer to the European Union. Croatian priority goal and task is to prove that it is capable of joining other candidate countries which will become EU members in the second round of enlargement. For our part, we shall show and prove that Croatia deserves the EU and that the EU deserves Croatia.