CIRR 83 published

CIRR 83 published

We are pleased to announce that the regular Summer/Fall 2018 issue (Vol. 24 No. 83) has been published.

The full issue is available here, and the individual articles here.

This issue includes 5 articles and 2 book reviews.

The article of Dejan Jović focuses on perceptions of the European Union (EU) and external actors (such as the United States, Russia, and Turkey) in six countries of the Western Balkans (WB) and Croatia in a comparative perspective. Nikola Brzica analyses the character of contemporary asymmetric threats. Orsat Miljenić looks at Part III of The Energy Charter Treaty (ECT) which regulates standards of protection guaranteed to foreign investors by the ECT States members. Lyudmyla Deshko's article lists the content and deals with the criteria for assessing the presence or absence of material damage suffered by the applicant to the European Court of Human Rights, the subject of entrepreneurship, as a new condition for the admissibility of an individual application. Lastly, the article titled “Note-taking and Notability: How to Succeed at Legal Doctoral Fieldwork” by Laura Panades-Estruch covers a literature review on fieldwork in the social sciences, the case study, the methodologies used, and a problem-solving section giving tips to succeed at fieldwork,.

The book reviews present works by Sangwani Patrick Ng’ambi and James Kirchick.