Terrorism and global trends


This paper tries to determine the cause-and-effect relations in the world trends which generate change in the stability of the world economies, especially of the small states, affecting in that way, global security, i.e. security of the world powers like the U.S.A. and others. Ability to locate potential centers of terrorism in the world is of the utmost importance: for yesterday, today and tomorrow with the aim of achieving effective methodological approach to fight terrorism. Therefore, it is necessary to define economic, political and military factors, which, at the global level and within the philosophy of trends, determine the world scene. Based on such research, with recognized potential consequences of the trends-motifs that produce a critical mass of discontent needed for generating a crisis or a terrorist act, this paper inaugurates a new shape of pre-emptive fight against incoming new wave of terrorism. The paper successively discusses the effects of determined world trends, particularly from the view of economic, political and military stability of the small states and regions being directly connected with security of the big powers, i.e. with global security in the world.