Vol.XVIII, No. 66 - 2012XXII (76) - 201629The Development, (Non)Institutionalisation, and (Lost) Opportunities of Slovenian Environmental Diplomacy in the Last 25 Years


The article analyses the development of environmental diplomacy in Slovenia since 1991, when the country declared independence. The objective is to present the structural changes (and the lack thereof) in the development of Slovenian environmental diplomacy – from its blueprints (made in the first years of independence) to a more structural approach towards environmental diplomacy, and its regression. With respect to the development and regression of Slovenian environmental diplomacy, the article confirms the thesis that the formulation of Slovenian foreign policy is influenced by two factors: the role of the agent (i.e. the foreign minister and his or her interests) and the external variables, coming from a supranational or international environment.