Contribution to the Research of the Internet int he Service of Tourism – Situation in Croatia and in the World (str.35-48)


Presence of tourist destinations on the Internet today is a prerequisite for business sus-tainability. Recession period undoubtedly has an impact on better exploitation of the Internet potential as a comprehensive communication tool which will provide for more demanding customer a choice of desired services at anytime,from anywhere.Internet is not only communication and marketing tool,but offers direct access to the client, and also has a global reach.The business which, even before the arrival of tourists in the destination, enables the choice of destinations,is the advantage compared to the other,"traditional"ways of tourist business.Still under-utilization of Internet capabilities in Croatia indicates the need for business change. Joint action of all participants in the tourist sector, backed by the knowledge and skills of experts for Internet and communi-cation technology could gradually contribute to the achievement of the desired tourismprogress.