The Concept of Human Security as a Basis for the Application of Big Data Concept in Establishment of Early Warning System for Crisis Management in the Republic of Croatia


We live in a globalised world characterized by constant crises in numerous social and geographical areas. Political instability, climate change, overpopulation, uncontrolled migration, poor governance, crime, as well as many other factors create the circumstances from which crises can develop. Each crisis given its causes and possible consequences requires different approaches and response systems. This research focuses on considering modern technological solutions that have the purpose of alerting and protecting individuals from risks and threats that can lead to their suffering, caused by natural, technical-technological and anthropogenic crisis events. It also aims to link the theor y of human security and the big data concept and present their application through the development of the early warning system for crisis management in the Republic of Croatia. This research has significant value because it analyses and describes the establishment of a particular system in the world.