Prerequisites for Systematic Fighting Terrorism


In modern world, global terrorism is deemed true menace to all countries of the world, especially to those being member states of anti-terrorist (AT) coalition. We all agree that no goal justifies terrorism, but nevertheless our approach must be based primarily on the principle of legal punishment, and by no means on the principle of revenge. Terrorism must not become legal means of combating evolutionary changes in human society. Furthermore, we hold that permanent protection of basic human rights of the citizens of the Republic of Croatia within the combating terrorism context is of the utmost importance. International responsibilities taken by the AT coalition member states including Croatia are as follows: to follow national implementation of the following resolutions of the UN Security Council: Resolution 1267 (1999) on measures to be taken against Taliban regime, Resolution 1373 (2001) on pre-emption of terrorism and Resolution 1566 (2004) on threat to the world peace caused by terrorist attacks, and to implement provisions stipulated by other relevant international acts i.e., initiatives taken by the European Union, NATO, Council of Europe, OSCE, regarding pre-emption of terrorism.
Institutionalization of a scientific and research center – Strategic Institute for National Security (SINS) aimed at systematic studying of the issue of fighting terrorism, integration and coordination of overall activities including projects, implementation and supervision at the level of state would create necessary prerequisites for achieving a required level of national security in accord with newly arisen threats caused by global terrorism, contributing in that fashion to regional and global security.