Adoption of Information Communication Technology (ICT) in International Entrepreneurship: A Way to Promote International Relations Among Business Entities


International relations, information communication technology (ICT), entrepreneurship opportunity, entrepreneurship marketing, entrepreneurial performance.


The objective of this study is to examine the role of information communication technology (ICT) and international entrepreneurship in international relations among business entities. The relationship between ICT, access to the entrepreneurship opportunity, entrepreneurship marketing, entrepreneurial performance and international relations was examined. A comparative study was carried out between Malaysia and Jordan. Quantitative research approach was used in relation to the cross-sectional research design. Data were collected by using a questionnaire survey from the employees of various organizations involved in international entrepreneurship activities. Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) was applied for data collection. Results of the study shows that international entrepreneurship has important role to promote international relations. Along with the international entrepreneurship, ICT also play an important role in international relations. It is found that; ICT has positive role to promote access to entrepreneurship opportunities and entrepreneurship marketing which further lead to the entrepreneurial performance. Increase in intrapreneurial performance increases the international relations. Finally, no different was found between Malaysia and Jordan. This study has the significant potential for the practitioners to promote international relationships through ICT and international entrepreneurship activities.