The Impact of Traditional Rituals on International Relations: Evidence from Vietnam


Traditional rituals, ancestor worship, animist beliefs, lunar new-year reunion, international relations


Recently, international relations have become a requisite for survival in the global market, capturing the focus of policymakers and academics alike. Therefore, the current article examines the impact of traditional rituals in the Vietnam, such as god of wealth worship in business, ancestor worship, animist beliefs, burning votive paper and lunar new-year reunion on international relations. The current study has used questionnaires to gather the data from the visitors of traditional rituals in the Vietnam. The current article uses the smart-PLS to check the variables and determine items' reliability and validity as well as check the linkage among the understudy constructs. The results indicate that all the traditional rituals have a positive association with international relations. This study provides help to policymakers while formulating regulations regarding traditional rituals and international relations.