Non-Violence Approach In The Southern Area In Thailand: Problem And Increasing Of Operational Efficiency


This research aimed to examine a non-violent approach to settling the conflict in Thailand's southern region. Taking Home Project was chosen to analyse issues and challenges to design policies, strategies, tactics, processes, and guidelines for improving operational efficiency. This was qualitative research in which data were gathered through in-depth interviews with 17 samples from main agencies and supporting agencies at the administrative and operational levels and from the people sector in specific places. The findings suggested that the Taking Home Project adhered to the concept of nonviolence and national security policy. They lacked effectiveness and efficiency, however, due to the following issues: 1) execution of the policy 2) a personnel shortage 3) a lack of engagement on the part of supporting agencies and the private sector; and 4) the fund was spent largely, but the outcome's cost-effectiveness cannot be quantified. Additionally, the Taking Home Project encountered obstacles and difficulties resulting from the dispute in the historical component of secession, religious and cultural divides, and communication to foster understanding. The study concluded that the government should strengthen the project's employees and promote good governance in its management. Collaboration between the public and private sectors and the community will be bolstered.