Mass Organization Disbandment in Indonesia: Is Democracy Embattled?


Democracy; freedom of association; mass organization disbandment; rule of law


The aim of this paper is to analyze the current problematic of freedom of association in Indonesia. The government has disbanded mass organizations under Jokowi's regime, yet in the other hand, the revision of Mass Organization Act proposed by the government has been done so that the freedom of association can be strengthened and as the effort to support organizations activities in Indonesia. Therefore, the government of Indonesia is inconsistent to preserve democracy in Indonesia through the disbandment of mass organization massively. Moreover, the discussion regarding the democracy of Indonesia has also made a part of this system to understand that how deficient electoral system leads towards the illegal disbandment of mass organizations in Indonesia. The method used in this research is normative legal research with statute and comparative approach to analyze whether the government is line with the law, and to find the best practice of mass organization disbandment that relying on rule of law and democracy values through comparative law. This paper concludes that, the government action to disband mass organization is a decadence of democracy and violates the rule of law and democracy. This paper advice that the model of mass organization of Indonesia must be reformulated that holds the value of rule of law and democracy.