The competitiveness of national (Croatian) economies through Development of industrial clusters


This article reflects upon some Croatian industrial and R&D conditions with the aim of providing an answer to the hypothetical question, what the possible role of the National science and technology (S&T) potential could be within the existing embryos or clusters to be developed in the forthcoming period. Particular attention is given to the national automotive industry, which is continuously struggling with tough international competition.
Clustering, as a worldwide accepted industrial organizational model based on inter firm linkages and industrial and technological networking; could be an excellent source of competitive advantage, not only in comparison with the countries in the surrounding geographical area, but also much wider.
Based on the first most recent experience with cluster development in Croatia, and having in mind Croatia's existing research and development potential, the question arises as to whether Croatia is ready to initiate its automotive cluster and what the role of R&D
could be in this process.
Should the analysis of the automotive sector result as unfavourable for future organizational networking, further research will be necessary related to cluster development in the framework of better performing industry sectors, within which, after all, the first Croatian cluster development initiatives are precisely at the moment being triggered.
Understanding current worldwide processes; even if the answer to a research question regarding cluster development in Croatia under present circumstance turns out to be unfavourable, a logical hypothetical question that arises could be: is there any alternative?