Parallelism and Civil Resistance: A Sui Generis Path Towards Self-Determination in Kosovo




Kosovo, parallelism, civil resistance, sui generis, self-determination


In Kosovo, from 1989 to 1999, an entire decade of living between civil resistance and parallel life has been transformed into a quest for the right to self-determination. This is the reality created by self-organization as the only means of survival when all institutional lifelines are severed. Consequently, new types of reorganization were implemented. In this sense, this study studied the parallel existence and civil resistance in Kosovo as a fiction of the harsh living reality that resulted from the collective exclusion at the time of the fall of Yugoslavia. As a result of the constitutional amendments of 1989, the efforts for self-organization within this reality, as an effort to preserve the ties between the society inside and outside the country, became pillars of civil and political resistance, surpassing all the threads at the limits of that unique socio-political situation, within such a constitutionally violated reality. Parallel resistance allowed Kosovo to survive and set the stage for a 1999 post-war self-determination process. This study contributes to the body of knowledge by addressing the rarely treated aspect of parallel existence and civic resistance in Kosovo. The study's theoretical contribution supplied practitioners with numerous insights.