Corruption in Public Offices: A Way to Reduce Corrupt Practices


Corruption, Corrupt Bureaucracy, Corrupt Political Leaders, Reduce Corruption, and Corrupt Government.


Corruption is a social evil and is worst in the backward countries. The economic instability and political fights are leading the public office holders to corruption. In Iraq, the public offices are involved in corruption with a nexus to the corrupt political leaders. The factors for corruption in Iraq are increasing due to political instability and economic crisis. The purpose of this study is to understand to what extent corrupt practices are conducted in the public offices in Iraq. This study concludes that the corruption in Iraq is supported by corrupt political parties, the unfair judicial system, and the nexus of corrupt political leaders and police departments. This study demonstrates that with the help of effective measurement, the corruption in Iraq can be controlled if the government is working effectively. This study addressed a detailed gap in the literature and contributes significant theoretical and practical implications for reducing the corrupt practices in the public offices in Iraq. The future directions for research are also provided by this study to explore the new factors to eliminate the foundations of corrupt practices in the public offices of Iraq.