Government Management in Implementation of Health Protocol During Covid Pandemic in Wirosari District, Grobogan Regency, Indonesia


Implementing the covid-19 health protocol in Indonesia is difficult due to governance concerns. The government of Indonesia developed real-time implementation tactics for the country's health protocol. This study aims to examine the function of government management in executing the covid-19 pandemic health protocol in the Wirosari District. This study will also explore how the local administration in Wirosari District, Grobogan Regency, assists with the covid-19 pandemic. The descriptive qualitative study approach collects district government data from government officials, the task force for dealing with the covid-19 epidemic, and the Wirosari District population. The outcomes demonstrated that the government's implementation of health guidelines in the Wirosari district was a successful strategy. This study contributes to the corpus of knowledge by highlighting the importance of government management. This study demonstrates that local government support is reflected in the policies outlined in regulations, while budgetary support for activities is not explicitly reflected in the budget for implementing activities in the district. However, the district administrator must supervise and control the implementation of the covid-19 pandemic health protocol.