Emergency Policy from A Public Policy Perspective


Covid-19 has affected the policy-making strategy of every country in a critical situation. The Indonesian government also faced policy-making and implementation-related challenges during the pandemic. This study aimed to explore emergency policy from a public policy perspective in Indonesia. The study's purpose is grounded on the findings and research gaps in the literature to explore the unaddressed area in the literature. The study's motivation is to improve the policy-making strategy to avoid bad circumstances during a future pandemic. This study has used the narrative review method and explored the literature on public policy in Indonesia to determine the role of public policy in social services. This study concluded that public policy development was a major challenge for the Indonesian government during Covid-19. The findings of this study disclosed that public policy must have academic studies, public tests, and a socialization stage. The scope of this study is limited to government department policy making and implementation in Indonesia. Moreover, the literary contribution of this study enhanced the body of knowledge as the governance issues for policymakers were not discussed in the earlier studies. The practical implications and future directions would provide a way for the Indonesian government for improving the emergency policy from the perspective of government policy.