Cultural and Religious Rifts of Kazakhs and Kirgiz's in the Era of Global Peace: Comparative Analysis


globalization, Central Asia, religion, culture, civilization, social institutions, mentality, traditions.


Central Asia's developing nations' cultural and religious space faces many obstacles in reacting to global challenges. The society's reaction in Central Asia to adopting global liberal values is not unambiguous. The study examines the evolution of Kazakh and Kyrgyz religious, cultural, and civilizational values in the era of globalization. In addition, this study examines the impact of cultural and religious divides on global challenges in a period of global peace. This research utilizes primary data for data analysis and uses the partial least square (PLS) approach. In a period of global peace, the study concluded that cultural and religious differences substantially impacted global challenges. The research assesses the operations of government agencies utilizing modern technology to combat the takeover of a person's spiritual essence by extremist ideological groupings. Theoretically, this research is noteworthy because prior studies do not address the literature gap. The future directions of this research are essential for advancing the body of knowledge.