Preserving Cultural Values in Translation to English


Cultural values, cultural awareness, linguistic awareness, language translation, culture-specific items.


Translators and authors need to transform cultural values from one language to another. The cultural values of any society are different and inter-culture harmony is achieved by sharing positive cultural values. Preserving cultural values in language translation has become a challenge. The research investigates the relationship between cultural awareness, linguistic awareness, and language translation for preserving cultural values for translation into English. Current research also aims to determine the mediating role of culture-specific items between cultural awareness and language translation. This is a cross-sectional study, and data is collected from English language translators. The research findings highlight that cultural values can be preserved when translators have information about cultural, linguistic, and culture-specific items. This research is developed on a novel idea and contributes a powerful framework to the body of knowledge. The study has remarkable theoretical and practical implications that are critically important for improving the body of knowledge by addressing the gap. Furthermore, the practical implications of this research would enhance the language translation practices of the translators to improve their better understanding of cultural values preserved in the translation. The research leads to some future directions to be addressed by scholars based on the limitations of this research.