The Emergence of Green Diplomacy in International Relations: A Qualitative Study


Green diplomacy, international relations, foreign direct investment, sustainability, green politics


As a result of the rapid trend of globalization and the increase in international trade between nations, environmental issues are at the forefront of governments' minds. The emergence of green diplomacy in international economic agreements has improved international relations. A qualitative research design has been implemented for this study. To this end, interviews with Chinese FDI executives have been undertaken, as they are the only ones who can provide their ideas on green diplomacy and international relations in an authentic manner. The results suggested that green diplomacy favorably strengthens and influences international relations by increasing the provocation of constructing preventive measures surrounding ecological reservations caused by dangerous or ecologically damaging pollution. The research contributes important insights to the expanding body of literature on the advent of green diplomacy as a beneficial force in international relations. This study has equal practical value since policymakers of FDI in different nations might seek out green diplomacy's positive characteristics, thereby strengthening international relations.