Indonesia's Strategy in Southeast Asian Geopolitics


Indonesia, geopolitics, strategic trinity, Southeast Asia


This article seeks to analyze and characterize the geopolitical structure of Indonesia, the largest archipelagic state globally. It presents two connected primary concepts. First, the geographical characteristics of Indonesia suggest that it may have both strengths and limitations, as well as the potential for social, economic, and even military dominance. Indonesia's geopolitical structure appears to be based on the "strategic trinity" of geostrategy, geoeconomics, and geopolitics. Even though these concepts are not novel in and of themselves, this article contributes to the scant existing literature. The present study contributes by generating new information. It is one of the few studies that evaluate Indonesia's geographical characteristics and how they impact the country's international relations, national defense system, and strategic planning. The study also examines how Indonesia's geopolitical structure may shed light on the nation's renewed interest in Southeast Asia.