Globalization of Culture in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan: Ways of Its Manifestation


Culture, globalization, identity, lifestyle, lifestyle, Central Asia.


The culture of the peoples of Central Asia is characterized by its uniqueness, the preponderance of traditions of an indigenous ethnic group, and a combination of Soviet-era influence and globalization processes. Recent globalization tests have been administered to the indigenous peoples of this region. There is a propensity for young people to view their nation's traditional values with skepticism. This study examines the effects of cultural globalization on the culture, lifestyle, and values of Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, two Central Asian nations. Today, the cultural values and issues of Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan are comparable. Both societies are experiencing vehement globalization demands. The sample size of 299 respondents collected using a Likert scale questionnaire is deemed adequate for this study's conclusions. According to the data analyzed for this study, cultural globalization significantly affects the culture, way of life, and values of Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. The findings of this study are both theoretically and practically significant. Significant results from this study contribute to the body of knowledge. Future research must address the limitations of this study to advance it.